Dr. William Slayton

Chief of the Research and Clinical Trials Team

Dr. Slayton: Professor, Department of Pediatrics; Chief, Division of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology; University of Florida College of Medicine 

Clinical Trials Supported by Stop Children's Cancer Funding:

Once a clinical trial is FDA approved, it is available for use by anyone diagnosed with that childhood cancer WORLDWIDE, as a treatment option or a component of treatment.

Dr. Gigi Moore-Higgs

Stop Children's Cancer / Bonnie R. Freeman Clinical Trials

Dr. Gigi Moore-Higgs: Manager of Pediatric Clinical Trials

Researchers Directly Supported by Stop Children's Cancer Funding:

$450,000 has been committed to various types of Immunotherapy Development through the Kimberly Flaitz Research Grant and the Jeffery A. Block Research Award.

Dr. Matthew Cascio

Stop Children's Cancer / Kimberly H. Flaitz Research Grant

Dr. Matthew Cascio: Developing a tumor vaccine for Osteosarcoma

Dr. Paul Castillo

Lyrics for Life / Stop Children's Cancer Jeffrey A. Block Research Award

Dr. Paul Castillo: Developing personalized targeted immunotherapy for T-cell Lymphoma & Leukemia

Dr. Biljana Horn

Stop Children's Cancer / Bonnie R. Freeman Professorship for Pediatric Oncology Research

Dr. Biljana Horn: Director of Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplantation

An overwhelming percentage of research funding from private groups and pharmaceutical companies goes directly to adult cancers. Stop Children’s Cancer fills a critical need by funding directly to childhood cancers.

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